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About HireFlyer.com

HireFlyer.com is the top job search website solution online providing employers with an affordable, easy to use and effective job posting site while offering job seekers a discreet, easy to use service for free. HireFlyer.com is the best job posting website for savvy employers who want a competitive advantage over other job posting websites. Job seekers who have used other top job boards will appreciate the accuracy and convenience of HireFlyer’s advanced search technology which allows you to receive email or text notifications as soon as an opportunity matching your criteria becomes available. We surveyed, we listened and now we’re bringing the most efficient, accurate and cost effective job posting site to you.

The Company

The company was founded by industry professionals who have utilized numerous job boards and job posting sites throughout their careers and experienced firsthand, the growing complexity of navigating these job posting boards. HireFlyer.com has grown from an idea, into a reality, with its core concept and functionality centered on the KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) ideology. This top job board provides our clients with an affordable yet effective recruiting tool which allows them to attract the people capital needed for future success “Without all of the Work”. Conversely, our employment board allows individual job seekers the opportunity to create a profile and receive job postings specifically tailored to their respective industry, profession and unique skill sets via e-mail or text messaging at no cost. Whether you're looking for, human resources jobs, engineering jobs, retail jobs, hr jobs, or it jobs, we can help you find the perfect job, quickly, easily, and discreetly.

Whether you’re a Job Seeker or a Job Poster, if you’ve tried other employment boards without the success you wanted, HireFlyer.com promises you’ll, “Find the Right Job. Without all the Work”.

Why Use HireFlyer?

Recruiters, are you tired of paying too much and not getting the results from the large online job search engines? As a job poster you can post job openings quickly with minimal effort. Once you click "submit", your job is positioned on the HireFlyer.com job posting website and then it's delivered, via email and or text messaging, and facebook to active and passive job seekers whose profiles match the job. Jobs are pushed out on all the major job aggregator boards, including Indeed, SimplyHired, Juju, Justjobs and many others. Our advanced SEO and matching technology and a number of key features we're offering will position us as one of the best job boards on the Web.

HireFlyer.com sets itself apart from other job search websites by its ease of use, accuracy and affordability. In addition, we guarantee complete anonymity to our Job Seekers so they can “Find the Right Job, Without All the Work!” and have peace of mind. You will remain anonymous because we only require a valid e-mail address and password to create your profile. We never ask for any personal identifying data and as many other job search websites do, we don’t store your resume in a database. As you search for a job you are quickly and effortlessly creating your profile or you can create multiple profiles by changing just your skill sets. There are no resumes to alter or upload like our fellow competitors in the job search boards arena so this will only take a few seconds.




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