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FAQ Answers

I forgot my password. How do I log in?
Go to the green “Log In” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Under “Forgot Password”, enter the email address you used for your HireFlyer.com account. Click 'Submit' and we will send you instructions for resetting your password via email.

How do I change my password?

Log into your HireFlyer.com account, go to “Edit Account” under MY DASHBOARD. Click “change password”.

I forgot my username. How do I log in?

Your username should be your email address. If it is not working, contact us by clicking on the “contact/feedback” button on the top of any web page of the employment board. Enter the information required and select “site support” then hit submit. A HireFlyer.com representative will contact you immediately. We want your experience to be positive from the best job search site so please call our support line at 1.866.963.4470 with any other questions.

Why should I create a Profile?

Your profile on this top job search website is what differentiates you from all the other job seekers using HireFlyer.com. It consists of up to 10 skill sets which best describe your professional background. These skill sets are matched against the job description so the more skills you enter, the greater accuracy of the match. The fewer number of skills the more likely it will be that you receive more jobs but less accurate. To get a job you must create a profile.

I'm not looking for a job anymore. Should I cancel my account?

If you're not looking for a job now, you can adjust your status. Go to the “saved searches” tab in your DASHBOARD. If you have any Saved Searches, you can stop receiving email updates and still store your searches for another time. Just change the Email Frequency to Stop Email. Be sure to always check out our “Hot Jobs at HireFlyer” page as we will always update with the latest industry news. 

What should I do if I have not received the email that allows me to create a new password?

The email might have been accidentally flagged as spam. Although we are a top job search website and are white listed (we pay to send out emails) we can’t control your mail security settings. Try looking for it in your spam/junk folder. If that doesn't work, contact HireFlyer.com at help@hireflyer.com and a representative contact you shortly with an answer to your question.
How can I confirm that my resume and cover letter have been submitted?

HireFlyer.com is exclusively a job distribution web site. Your resume and cover letter are submitted by you through your email client. We’re great at matching your profile to jobs but it is the job posters who actually receives reviews and responds to your profile. Chances are, if you received the employment posting, you are pretty well matched to the description and someone should contact you shortly.

Why didn't I receive a response when I applied online?

Every company has its own criteria for evaluating resumes. A small company may send a personalized response indicating that your resume was received. Many larger companies have automated email replies.  Other job search web sites do not acknowledge the receipt of a resume unless they want to initiate the interview process.
At HireFlyer.com, we connect you directly with the person responsible for posting a job you received. If you haven’t received an acknowledgement, be patient. The job poster posting a job might have several positions posted and has to respond to a multitude of professionals in addition to you.

How do I search for jobs on HireFlyer.com?

You can search for jobs on the best job search site, HireFlyer.com using two methods. You can use the SEARCH bar by simply entering in your professional skill sets and hitting search. If you are seeking a job in a specific industry, geographic location, educational requirements and years of experience you will want to use the Advanced Search Option. Remember, the more information you provide, the greater the accuracy of the search. The less amount of info the broader the search results.

What is a Saved Search?

A Saved Search stores your search criteria and creates your profile. You can have up to 10 saved searches and/or 10 saved profiles under one email address. You are able to search by job, search job location, education, years of experience and other features. You can then retrieve and run that search whenever you want. After you save a search, you can set it up to run periodically and, if you'd like, we'll email the results to you. Be sure to add HireFlyer.com to your recognized/trusted sender list.

How do I save a job search?

You must be logged in to your account on job search boards to save a search. Define your search criteria and click Search. Give the saved search a name then hit “save search”. It’s that easy. You can create up to 10 different search profiles under one email account.

How do I delete a saved search profile?

To delete a saved search profile, as you do on many of the job search websites log into your job seeker account and click on “My Dashboard”. Once in your dashboard click on the RED X under Delete Profile. WARNING! Clicking the Delete Profile will immediately delete all saved search criteria.

How can I get more information about a job posting?

Job Posters post job openings and are responsible for all content. Visit the company via their website or reply to the posting with your resume and request additional information. A good recruiter should be more than willing to assist your with information with an employer job posting  they are trying to fill.
Does HireFlyer.com ensure that job postings are from reputable companies?

Our top priority is that our job seekers have a safe job search environment on our top job search website.  If it is brought to our attention that a company is not adhering to HireFlyer.com’s standards or a company asks the job seeker to participate in any fraudulent activity, then Hireflyer.com will remove these employer job postings and seek any legal actions necessary to ensure the company ceases such action. HireFlyer acts as a space for employers to post job openings and for candidates to send their resumes direct to the employers or hiring staff. Although it’s difficult to police employer job postings posted on the web site, we do have random quality checks to ensure all postings are from reputable sources.

Will my contact information be sold to any third parties?

HireFlyer.com does not collect any personal identifiers such as name, address, phone number (unless you want a text message sent to notify you of a job) or store a copy of your resume. Our objective is to keep your personal information safe and the safest way to do that is to not collect it. We guarantee complete anonymity, period. This is one reason we are one of the best job search sites on the Web.
What do you do with the email addresses that are collected?

HireFlyer.com does not sell any of the information collected to any third party. It is for our use only. We strive as one of the best job search sites to protect both the client and the seekers anonymity.

How can I refer a friend?

Go to your email client and download all your contacts. No just kidding! If you are just browsing jobs, whether searching by job or by location, and find for example a San area job, that someone might want to look into. Simply open the job, click refer a friend, enter their email address and then click send. It’s that easy. BUT!!! If you have a profile on HireFlyer.com, login, browse any job, for example “San Francisco area jobs” and send it the same way as aforementioned. Except now, you get a credit, if your referral signs up, for an extra chance to win the great 9Beaches Vacation Getaway to Bermuda. Click on the 9Beaches promo on the homepage.






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