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SmartRecruiters and HireFlyer Partner
To Improve Job Posting Reach for SMBs

Partnership Adds an Effective Sourcing Channel for SmartRecruiters Users

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 4, 2010 – SmartRecruiters, the free and easy recruitment software from MrTed Ltd., today announced a new partnership with HireFlyer.com, a move that will further increase job board reach for users of the revolutionary recruitment software. “When we developed SmartRecruiters, our goal was to level the playing field and make it easier for small and mid-sized businesses to compete for the best talent against the largest companies. Our partnership with HireFlyer.com is yet another effective sourcing option for SmartRecruiters clients,” said Jerome Ternynck, Chief Executive Officer of MrTed. “With HireFlyer.com integrated into the SmartRecruiters system, employers and job seekers appreciate the ease of use, simplicity and extended reach that the HireFlyer.com service provides”.

HireFlyer.com is an internet job board developed using a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) ideology. By enabling job seekers to quickly and easily create a profile, respond to job postings, and begin receiving new relevant job postings via email, SMS text messaging or Facebook®, Twitter® or LinkedIn notifications in seconds; HireFlyer has changed the way job seekers meet employers.

For literally pennies per job site posting, employers love using HireFlyer.com, while seeing their jobs sent to 1,000’s of job boards!

“HireFlyer.com is thrilled to deliver our posting services integrated into the SmartRecruiters system”, said Jeffrey Elletson, President and Chief Executive Officer of HireFlyer.com. “The applicant tracking space has needed a “creative disruptor” such as SmartRecruiters for a long time! We look forward to supporting their efforts and helping our mutual clients to save a lot of money while increasing efficiencies”.

Unveiled by MrTed just over a year ago, SmartRecruiters is 100% free and designed specifically for businesses with up to 2,500 employees. With more than 3,000 small businesses using SmartRecruiters today, it’s the fastest-growing provider in the recruitment solution industry. Now designed to offer clients quick and easy access to a multitude of job board options, SmartRecruiters allows end users to access any of the available free options or pay to reach talent within a specific industry, geographic region or skill set. Log in to SmartRecruiters today to start posting with HireFlyer.


About MrTed
MrTed is a leading provider of on-demand talent acquisition solutions designed to help companies of all sizes optimize the process of acquiring local talent on a global scale. Through innovation, passion and focus, MrTed provides the world’s most effective recruitment solutions, ranging from MrTedTalentLink, an enterprise-class global talent acquisition solution, to SmartRecruiters, a free and easy recruiting software. MrTed was founded in London in 1999 and supports over 1000 clients in more than 100 countries find and acquire the most coveted talent in the world. To learn more about MrTed and SmartRecruiters, please visit www.mrted.com | www.smartrecruiters.com

About HireFlyer
HireFlyer.com is an internet Job board that enables job seekers to quickly and easily create a profile, respond to job postings, and to begin receiving new relevant job postings via email, SMS text messaging or Facebook®, Twitter® or LinkedIn notifications in seconds. Employers can quickly create a company profile; begin cost effectively posting jobs to the HireFlyer.com web site, while simultaneously having all their postings sent to 1,000’s of other job boards – for free! Job seekers receive notifications of jobs matching their interests and required skill sets within seconds; and unlike other boards, HireFlyer.com is easily navigated. Hireflyer.com maximizes a company’s ROI by pushing job postings to major job aggregators, increasing the job postings visibility, reducing the company’s time to hire and cost per hire, all at a far lower cost than they are paying today. To learn more about HireFlyer.com, please visit www.HireFlyer.com

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